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Events can be specialized for each individual event. If you want Beach, Oldies, and Cruise-in music played for a Sock-hop; that’s just what you’ll get. Want Music to set to go towards a theme for a Prom or Special Dance, no problem, just type up the criteria and what you are planning to do. The DJ will make it happen.

We also play music games at events upon request. This is fun at coporate events and reunions. For instance, one of the games would be “Name that tune”; the most popular being naming TV show themes from the 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s.

We can incorporate as much FUN as you want at your PARTY! Just put in a request to do at either at specific time or sometime during the night. Most important… You choose the music to be played, just tell the DJ what types of music you may like to hear and dance too. Keep in mind not all songs are danceable but are simply to be listened to. Most of the other guest may want to dance, than to listen to Radio music.

We can incorporate lights into your party which always adds fun and excitement. Check out the DJ Package section.


Big Dukes of Hazzard fan? You can have the GENERAL LEE from the Dukes of Hazzard there at your event!!! Want the GENERAL LEE to Escort you from the Wedding Ceremony to the Reception, or to be the Getaway car for the reception? Want to have the GENERAL LEE on display? Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Anniversaries, other Special Events, and more!!! I can make it happen. It is also possible to have Both DJ and the GENERAL LEE there at your party for an additional charge towards the DJ package. STAR CARS plus DJ will equal a GREAT MEMORABLE EVENT!! Think of how cool you will be by having a GENERAL LEE or K.I.T.T. at your Party!!! Did I mention that the GENERAL LEE is FULLY AUTOGRAPHED by the ORIGINAL CAST of DUKES OF HAZZARD? Call to today to book the GENERAL LEE for your next Special Event. The General Lee has been displayed at Corporate events for Dodge Dealerships, Promotions for the Race Track, Movie theaters, even displaying the GENERAL LEE for the ORIGINAL ACTORS themselves while on tour. So Call today to have this truely authentic GENERAL LEE at your PARTY!!

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